4th-6th Grade

4th-6th Grade
  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Location: Laguna Hills, CA
  • Product code: FRTH-SIX

Only $50 deposit required at booking. Balance due on day of event.

Our goal for students in this age group is to not only inspire a passion for writing but to also help them imagine the possibilities of a story. During their visit, students will design their own character, build stories, demonstrate self-expression and learn more about the use of literary devices and techniques. 

Students will be divided into groups.  (We will work with teachers in advance of the field trip for the groupings.) As students rotate through our Studio stations, they will create their own character, work with our staff to build stories in groups, participate in self-expression activities, and receive instruction about both character and plot development.

Each student will receive a soft-cover storybook.  Our self-publishing application is intuitive and has been designed with children in mind.

What's Included: 

  • Group story-building  Note: Classes with students ages 9 and above may have the option to do their own stories, depending on the group size.
  • Character Studio
  • Activity - Literary Devices/Techniques
  • Lesson: Character Development
  • Lesson Plot Development
  • Self-Expression activity or game

Duration: 2 hours

We can accommodate up to 96 children and offer tiered pricing based on the number of students per field trip visit:

No of Students     Soft Cover Books     Books + Character Posters

51-96                             $10                               $15

36-50                             $12                                $17

26-35                             $15                                $20

11-25                             $20                                $25

6-10                               $25                                $30